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Proper nutrition is the foundation for optimal health.

leafHerbal Medicine
Made from nature. Naturally effective.

water60 Colon Hydrotherapy
Detoxifying naturally and gently with purified water.

At Natural Health and Wellness we support your body’s natural ability to heal through nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle, movement and herbal medicine. Call to learn more because… YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GREAT!


What Clients Are Saying About Natural Health & Wellness

Awesome, professional, personable and knowledgeable! Maureen is the best! Colonics have helped me toward wellness. Her recommendations for supplements, rollin colon and probiotics have been a game changer. Helped me become regulated, improved bloating and overall feeling great! Highly recommended! Clean calming atmosphere! She is very accommodating and has worked with me to alleviate scheduling burdens. Visit her and find out for yourself! Feel better for the new year!

Kathryn N

Amazing experience! I was so nervous and not sure what to expect. Maureen is so inviting and knowledgeable. Not uncomfortable at all!EVERYONE should be having a regular colonic. Do it for yourself! For your health.I feel great! I have so much more energy and as an added bonus I feel so light 🙂
Karen G

From the 1st visit to now every time I’ve been in to see Maureen, she has been welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable during the entire treatment. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge Maureen has shared with me about my body and its internal functions. Her nutritional advice is always great and as an esthetician it’s a relief to find someone who can provide even more info than what I have personally learned through the years. I feel re-energized after my treatments and the results are addicting. Thanks Maureen!!


Yes it was a good experience to review my my nutrition needs under a good condition and facility. As a power lifter it was excellent health information. I would recommend the service to anybody. Maureen is excellent at what she does and knows. The best!!!!
Deno T

I had heard lots of great things about colon hydrotherapy but have always been a little nervous and apprehensive to give it a try.  After walking around completely miserable for several weeks and not knowing what to do to feel better I decided to give Maureen a call and set up my first appointment.  She was very thorough and walked me through the entire treatment procedure making sure I understood everything and felt comfortable.  Not only did I see and feel immediate relief from my digestive troubles, I started noticing other amazing benefits after my first couple treatments!  My skin is clearing up, I am less irritable, my metabolism is back on track and I feel lighter than ever!  I can’t thank Maureen enough for what she has done for me.  She truly is one of a kind, so knowledgeable and thoughtful about every aspect of her business and really cares about the health of her clients.
Markie B

My naturopathic doctor (ND) is the one who recommended Maureen, and when I contacted her, she thoroughly (and patiently) answered all my questions. I had never before experienced a colonic, and I was quite uneasy. However, when I went to her office, I felt more at ease. She's very friendly, her office is cozy, and her colonic rooms are very relaxing. It's also nice that I can choose my own music to listen to during my sessions from her CD collection. She has helped me understand, in layman's terms, how the digestive system functions, and she's also very knowledgeable about herbs and the types of foods to eat in order to maintain a healthy gut. I am so grateful that my ND recommended that I contact Maureen as I am now a regular customer.
Martha H