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Frequently Asked Questions About Colon Hydrotherapy

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics) is a method of cleaning the colon (large intestines). Our technique for performing colonics in Denver utilizes a small amount of filtered, purified, and ultraviolet-light treated water to flow into the colon gently, stimulating the colon’s natural peristalsis action to release softened fecal matter, mucous, harmful toxins, and bacteria from the bowel at the same time hydrating the colon.

Colon Hydrotherapy FAQsThe colon is a muscle designed to move toxic waste from the body. Colon Hydrotherapy stimulates and exercises this muscle providing better tone and efficiency. Like any muscle if not toned working efficiently it becomes sluggish and will not work at its optimal level. Many health problems arise from the colon: appendicitis, constipation, diarrhea, diverticular disease, Cohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rectal polyps, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), parasites, and hemorrhoids.

One reason we get constipation is from the colon and the feces becoming dry. Waste and toxins that remain too long in the colon feed harmful bacteria causing fermentation and petrification which can cause symptoms such as constipation, gas, bloating, indigestion, headaches, fatigue, acne, and weight gain. These poisons can be absorbed into the blood stream causing autoimmune disease or self-poisoning leading to more serious health problems.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

Yes, the equipment and treatment room are sterilized and sanitized between each use. Each client receives a prepackaged, sterile, disposable nozzle (much like the nozzle used in dental procedures), the size of a pencil). The water is filtered with a fine carbon filter; it is then treated with ultraviolet light to remove even the smallest particles and chemical from the water before flowing into the client. The equipment is FDA approved and medical grade supplies are used at all times. Our colon hydrotherapists have been trained and certified by the LIBBEE manufacturer as well as by I-ACT (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapist).

What type of system is used?

At Natural Health and Wellness we use a LIBBE (Lowered Intestinal Bottom Bowel Elimination) device. It is manufactured in San Antonio, Texas. They manufacture the finest, state-of-the-art equipment for colonic use. The devices are FDA approved, which means they have passed the rigor of being safe and effective medical devices. To learn more visit the manufacturer at

What can I expect at my colonic treatment?

Your first colonic treatment will take approximately an hour. Your therapist will review your colonic intake form with you. The colonic intake form provides the therapist with information to determine your colon health. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions. You will then be introduced to the treatment room and the LIBBEE device. You will be given a hospital gown and slippers, you will be draped with a sheet during the entire procedure. The therapist will then provide instruction on how the system works and how to insert their nozzle. The therapist will then leave the room giving the client privacy to prepare for their treatment. The device is designed to be user-friendly, and once coached the client can be left to enjoy their treatment private. The therapist is present but allows the client to have privacy, which often allows the client to have a relaxing and efficient session. Soft music is providing along with aromatherapy if the client wishes to use them to help with relaxation. The session lasts approximately 40 minutes.

How should I prepare for my colonic?

Drink plenty of water, 2 to 3 liters at a minimum. Do not eat for two hours prior to treatment.

What should I do after my colonic?

Again drink plenty of water—another 2 to 3 liters—and eat light, such as soups, juice, rice, and steamed or pureed vegetables are an excellent choice after colonics. Probiotics are essential to replenish your colon with friendly bacteria. It is recommended to increase your probiotic dosage to two capsules three times daily on an empty stomach the day of the treatment and the following day. Thereafter you can go back to your daily dose.

Who benefits from colonics?

Everyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy. Even with the best diets and lifestyle, the colon is a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Waste left too long in the colon will ferment and putrefy, causing the colon to become toxic. When this condition persists toxins are released into the bloodstream causing disease. The bowel works more efficiently after colonics, allowing for more efficient elimination of waste, and nutrient absorption is improved.

How many colonics are recommended?

It depends on the condition of your colon and digestive system. The client and therapist will come up with a plan that work s for each client. Typically it is recommended to do a series of 12 over ten weeks. Two the first week (one today, one tomorrow) and two the second week and one once a week thereafter. The reason for that is the body is exceptionally smart. When we clean the colon, the body starts pulling waste out of the tissue and putting them into the blood stream. The waste heads for the liver, then back to the colon.

Therefore, the second session on the second day is necessary so that the digested waste is eliminated rather than reabsorbed. The same reason applies to the following tow the second week. After the first four, I then recommend one a weak for eight weeks. This slows the detoxification to gentler more tolerable rate.

Depending on your toxicity level, a few colonic treatments might be all you need to maintain health. However, overcoming lifelong constipation or a more serious illness and achieving vital health may require regular colonics for a longer period of time.

Is colon hydrotherapy habit forming?

No, colonics hydrate the colon and provide tone to the muscle. The colon is a muscle that can become flaccid and weak. Colonics exercises the colon creating better peristalsis (muscular action, much like milking a cow – squeezing together and pulling down at the same time) required to move debris through the colon to eliminate.

Can I have a colonic while I am menstruating?

Colon Hydrotherapy is perfectly safe during this time and will probably decrease the cramps that accompany menstruating.

Will colonics cause any side effects?

Clients say that they feel wonderful after a colonic – lighter, more energy. Because colonics releases toxins you can experience detoxification symptoms such as cramps, fatigue, diarrhea, loose stools, headaches, and possible chills. These symptoms usually go away quickly especially if you follow the instructions of drinking 2-3 liters of water, eating light, taking probiotics and getting extra rest. The second session is necessary so that you can eliminate the toxins that get stirred up.

Who should NOT get a colonic?

Unless you have discussed colonics with your doctor, they are contraindicated if you are currently experiencing any of the following:

  • Abdominal Hernia
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Abnormal distention/masses
  • Acute liver failure
  • Anemia
  • Aneurysm
  • Carcinoma
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Crohn’s disease/ ulcerative colitis
  • Dialysis patients
  • Diverticulitis
  • Fissures/ fistulas
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Intestinal perforation
  • Lupus
  • Pregnancy
  • Rectal surgery
  • Renal insufficiencies

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